Grinding - Floor preparation

Preparing concrete surfaces for coatings, overlays, stains or repair is an important first step. Whether it’s removing carpet, vinyl, tiles or paint, a clean, debris free level surface ensures a first class result every time.


Diamond Grind specialises in commercial and residential floor covering removal and surface preparation. We employ the latest vacuum assisted grinding and shot blasting preparation systems to efficiently remove epoxies, membranes, glues and paint. 

Levelling uneven floor

Uneven concrete floors are more common than you might think. Concrete floor slabs poured over a large area often have a little inaccuracy under close inspection. While this is a result of moving and laying an extremely wet and heavy material in a relatively short space of time, the problem is easily remedied with a self-levelling overlay. 


Overlays can be applied in thicknesses starting from 3mm. Due to their viscosity, they self-level with minimal troweling or spreading required. While the overlay does a lot of the work, there is a high degree of skill and expertise required to ensure a quality uniform finish.


Diamond Grind use and recommend quality underlayment toppings. For more information on levelling uneven floors and floor overlays please call Diamond Grind on 1800 587 172 or complete the enquiry form and we'll contact you.

Floor levelling underlayments

Diamond Grind specialise in the supply and installation of quality underlayments for a range of flooring requirements.


Self-levelling underlayments repair and remove imperfections providing a smooth level surface upon which carpet, vinyl, epoxy, tiles and timber can be laid. 


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