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Commercial & Industrial Flooring NSW

Diamond Grind can provide a wide-range of floor preparation and maintenance services for your commercial and industrial flooring. You can count on us to provide concrete polishing and repairs, as well as polyurethene cement floors and epoxy resin floor coatings in different colours and styles.

Located on the Central Coast of NSW, we service the Sydney Metro area, the Central Coast, Newcastle, The Hunter Valley and as far north as Tamworth. Diamond Grind are happy to travel to regional and Interstate locations for all commercial and industrial flooring requirements. 

.We use the latest technology and have an enthusiastic workforce that ensures great results. Our diamond grind resurfacing and polishing equipment is second to none,, but don’t just take our word for it ask our other customers and we are confident they will back us up.


We specialise in commercial & Industrial flooring solutions for:


  • 1 – Food & Beverage Preparation Areas
  • 2 – Wineries & Bottling Plants
  • 3 – Butcher & Deli Shops
  • 4 – Hotels & Resorts
  • 5 – Restaurants & Cafes
  • 6 – Vehicle Showrooms
  • 7 – Aviation Facilities
  • 8 – Warehouses
  • 9 – Shopping Centres
  • 10 – Car Parks
  • 11 – Loading Docks
  • 12 – Garages
  • 13 – Retail Stores
  • 14 – Super Markets
  • 15 – Factory Outlets
commercial and industrial flooring

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Polyurethene, Epoxy or diamond ground floors offer numerous benefits for commercial and industrial flooring. Epoxy floors are chemically resistant and block all moisture, preventing the corrosion of reinforcements in concrete. They are also easy to clean and maintain, and even when dirty, they look sleek and shiny. Polyurethane cement has superior impact resistance and handles extreme temperatures well.

Diamond grinding and polishing services provide durable and dense surfaces that resist stains from liquid, paint, oil spills, scuff marks, tire marks, and abrasions. They also withstand high-volume foot traffic. The polishing process involves applying a hardener and dust-proofing sealer that penetrates the concrete, hardens and densifies it, and eliminates the need for a topical coating. Diamond grinding and polishing services also provide a sustainable flooring solution that emits little to no toxins and requires no maintenance.

We understand that choosing the correct floor surface for you commercial project is a big decision. We are happy to consult and offer our years of experience with commercial and industrial flooring type decisions. Of course we think our solutions will offer the best result and you can see some pictures here, but in the end, our goal is to support you in your decision-making processes and work with you to get the results you desire.

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