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Cold storage facilities are some of the most sensitive environments in existence. They have to function properly, without a single issue, all the time. If anything goes wrong, valuable produce or chemicals might end up going to waste. Therefore, installing everything and having it work smoothly is a unique challenge.

When it comes to choosing a coolroom flooring solution for a commercial coolroom, polyurethane floors are typically the better choice. This is because polyurethane floors offer superior flexibility and impact resistance compared to epoxy floors, making them better able to withstand the constant expansion and contraction that occurs in coolroom environments.

Additionally, polyurethane floors are highly resistant to chemical exposure and can withstand the extreme temperatures found in commercial coolrooms without cracking or delaminating. Overall, polyurethane floors are the ideal choice for commercial coolrooms due to their superior durability, flexibility, and resistance to temperature and chemicals.

Make no mistake, epoxy and polyurethane make great floors in a coolroom, but polyurethane is best.

Coolroom flooring Inspections Come First

Even though applying epoxy flooring or Polyurethane cement flooring for your coolroom floor might seem simple, no business is the same. That’s why we always like to inspect before quoting, just to be certain you get the exact service you need. Once you contact us to install custom industrial flooring, we will ask you a few questions – questions like:

  • What’s the foot traffic like in your coolroom?
  • Do you work with dangerous chemicals?
  • What’s the mandatory temperature in the room?
  • How often is the room cleaned?
  • Is the concrete flooring stable?

While scenarios might seem obvious, our team can learn a lot just by getting a few honest answers. Besides, not all cool room floor customers request are the same. Finding out essential things about your facilities allows our team to reccomend the best solution for you as well as prepare the right equipment for the job, all while providing you with a great price estimate in the process.

floor preparation
Coolroom flooring preparation

Preparing Coolroom Floors for Coating

Now that we’ve seen your coolroom and its current floor, it’s time to address any existing issues. Sometimes, the concrete itself is rough and/or uneven. While you and your team have no problem walking over it, it could spell disaster for your new polyurethane or epoxy surface. That’s why the Diamond Grind team doesn’t just add the new coating – we prepare the whole floor!

If the concrete isn’t flat, we’ll use one of our special underlayment toppings to make it completely even on all sides. Don’t worry if there are any remnants of the old coating – our team will treat the surface with vacuum grinders and shot blasting. Not even the highest-grade paint or glue can withstand the pressure, so everything will look as good as new.

During our first inspection of yourlocation, we’ll work out what kind of under-layering needs to be done, as well as how much time it’ll take. This will help us give you an accurate idea of exactly how long your cool room will be out of service so that you can relocate your inventory or reschedule any deliveries. Every minute counts, and Diamond Grind is here to make the most out of your time.

Choose Your Own Design

While polished concrete floors have their own benefits, you’re ultimately stuck with the design of the material. In contrast, since epoxy coatings and polyurethane cement floors are a whole different layer, there are many customization options available. For starters, you can choose a colour that matches the rest of the room seamlessly. White, beige and grey are the most popular cool room floors, as you can see any spills very easily.

Diamond Grind goes above and beyond just the aesthetics. For extra safety, we can have your room equipped with anti-slip epoxy. Then, if your projects require a high level of floor grip, we’ll add a special matte coating without making the surface harder to clean on a regular basis.

The more information you share with us about your cool room and the business as a whole, the better our team will be able to tailor your solution. Aren’t sure about something? No worries. Our industrial flooring experts will explain everything and guide you throughout the process.

Why should you use Epoxy or polyurethane flooring for low temperature flooring?

By opting for quality resin flooring by Diamond Grind, you’re not just doing your cool room a favour. Your entire business will also benefit from the new and improved surface. Here’s exactly what our floors bring to the table (or floor):

  • Much easier to clean. A proper cool room floor is smooth, which means you can clean everything in just a few minutes. Guiding your hose in the direction of the drain removes any debris or dislodged items from the premises.
  • Resistant to acids and solvents. Water isn’t just enough to maintain a sterile environment. You are free to use industrial-grade solvents and cleaning supplies, as they won’t leave a mark on the resin surface.
  • Takes just a few hours to cure. There’s no need to say goodbye to the cold room. Our team doesn’t need more than a day to apply all the layers. After that, you need to wait 2-8 hours for your new floor to stick to the concrete.
  • Can withstand very low temperatures. Our flooring doesn’t deform or become hazardous when exposed to below-zero temperatures. You can safely store your inventory without worrying about any leaks, cracks, or other kinds of temperature-induced stress.
  • Inexpensive in the long run. By ordering a fair dinkum installation from our team, you won’t have to worry about anything flooring-related for years. This will save you thousands of dollars that you would otherwise have to spend on repairs and cheap coatings.

Like what you see? If so, call us now to schedule an inspection by our team. Without any extra fees or hidden costs, our flooring experts will assess the situation and give you pointers about what’s next. Don’t hesitate to change your cool room floor today!

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