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Floor Preparation & Concrete Grinding Wetherill Park

floor preparation Wetherill park

Floor Preparation Wetherill Park

We offer a complete flooring package, and one part of it is floor preparation which can be provided as a standalone service too. Our staff is certified and licensed to perform grinding and shot-blasting in order to remove glues, epoxy, paint and other sorts of dirt. Because of professionalism and dedication, many people from all over Wetherill Park have put their trust in us over the past years.

Our main goal is to help you prepare smooth and clean surfaces for the floor you need. No matter if you are planning to invest in epoxy, Polyurethane cement, or polished concrete floors we will put maximum effort into providing appropriate service. Depending on the flooring system you plan to install, we will be able to suggest which type of preparation will better fit your needs.

For concrete floors, the first step we take is to remove oil or paint stains, traces of grime and dirt. After that, we need to remove the first layer of the concrete floor, which consists of a blend of water and fine sand. This needs to be done because that layer becomes brittle over time, and it has to be properly removed before the primer for your new flooring is applied. You can count on us to do this with minimum fuss and we assure you that our staff will use top-notch vacuums to prevent dust creation.

Shot Blasting 

This is one of the most effective methods used in floor preparation. We are using high-quality steel pellets, and we can adjust the force of cleaning by changing their size and velocity. Devices we use for shot blasting have extractors that collect dust and all removed concrete, which means that after we finish the job there will be no need for vacuuming, and your site will be clean and tidy.

Since shot blasting is very powerful and can remove even the hard structures like asphalt or horizontal steel surfaces, it may not be suitable for floor preparation in which there is a thick layer that needs to be removed.

After we visit your site, we will be able to tell you which method will better fit your needs and to explain your entire process. You will have all the information regarding the floor preparation that we will provide, as well as how much will it cost. Don’t hesitate to ask us anything that concerns you, and we will explain everything in detail.

Diamond Grinding

In case you are planning to paint your floor, or to invest in epoxy flooring, diamond grinding might be the best technique because it can create a perfectly smooth surface. We use synthetic diamonds of different sizes, shapes and strengths to ensure that the grinding will match your needs and exceed your expectations.

Besides creating smooth surfaces, diamond core drilling can be used for taking out sections of your flooring in order to determine the strength of the concrete. We offer bespoke flooring solutions tailored to your needs only, so you just have to provide all the details to our skilled staff and they will make sure you get the service you need as soon as possible.

Diamond grinding makes more dust than shot blasting which is practically dust-free, but you should know that our team will vacuum clean everything and ensure that the entire area is clean.

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Besides floor preparation we offer application of epoxy, polyurethane cement, stoneset solutions as well as simple polished concrete surfacing. You can count on us to provide a full package of services upon request. All you have to do is to get in touch with us by giving us a call or sending us an email at any time.

We have over two decades of experience providing the best floor preparation across Wetherill Park, Newcastle and the nearby places, and that is why many clients choose our services for their industrial properties, as well as residential properties.

Our team can also provide professional floor levelling as well as the supply and the installation of high-quality underlayments that will fit all your requirements. We will repair and remove all the imperfections to create a perfect surface where any type of flooring can be laid.

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