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Polished Concrete Floors

Polished Concrete for all occasions

The clean industrial look of polished concrete has fast become the trend in commercial and residential construction. The ability to turn plain grey cement floors into a striking structural statement makes polished concrete extremely versatile and one of the reasons behind its popularity among architects, designers and home renovators.

Hard-wearing and extremely low-maintenance, with a range of surface finishes suiting almost any application, polished concrete offers commercial and residential customers a wonderful floor surface. 

Polished concrete has set new standards for luxury flooring, achieved through the expert application of chemical densifiers and the skilled operation of diamond grinding and polishing pads.

We use only high-quality materials to ensure its durability, and that is why so many of our polished concrete clients consider us to be the best.

We offer top-notch polished concrete services in Sydney and surrounding NSW areas.  Based on the Central Coast, we offer professional services in NSW upon request, so don’t hesitate to contact us and learn more about the areas we serve.

The popularity of polished concrete

The trend towards decorative and polished concrete flooring finishes continues at the forefront of interior design. Achieved through various innovative products and techniques, polished concrete merges interior style with industrial chic.

Unlike many architectural trends, polished concrete flooring is economical and offers a range of lasting benefits, including low maintenance and high durability. A shiny concrete floor is also easy to clean, with its lustre restored by a simple wipe-over. Polished concrete floors have a wide usage and represents one of the most popular choices for different types of property, both residential and industrial.

The health benefits are also worth considering, too. Unlike conventional flooring systems that trap dust and pollen in fibres or joints, polished cement floors offer an hygienic surface as well as a welcome alternative to style and practicality.

Our courteous staff are here to explain to you everything you need to know about the polished concrete service we provide, so feel free to give us a call or send an inquiry.

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Polished concrete finishes

Polished concrete floors offer a range of high-end finishes, from matt or low-sheen finishes to a high mirror shiny concrete floor. All finishes achievable are relative to the grade of the diamond grinding pad applied and the number of grinding and polishing steps undertaken. Finishes are typically categorised into three levels. Below are the three polishing finishes offered by Diamond Grind and the level of shine you can expect to achieve from each one.

Level 1 – Cream

A Cream finish is a process of honing and polishing that produces a smooth matt or high-sheen finish without exposing the aggregate within the concrete.

Level 2 – Semi Exposed

A semi-exposed finish is a process of grinding and polishing that exposes the surface aggregate, creating a lightly variegated effect on the concrete. The surface is then polished to a desired level of shine.

Level 3 – Exposed

Exposed finish the first step is – grind concrete floor and then polish in a way that fully exposes the aggregate, creating a heavily variegated effect in the concrete. The surface is then polished to a desired level of shine.

If you are ready to schedule a visit or have more questions about the polished concrete service we offer, we are here to provide the answers you need and explain the installation process. You can give us a call or fill out the online form on our website, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are concrete floors less expensive than tile?

Due to the high costs for material and labour when tiling, polished concrete is often significantly more cost-effective than tile in a residential setting.

Why is polished concrete a good idea?

Polished concrete flooring offers many benefits: it’s easy to clean, flood and fire-resistant, ideal for high-traffic areas and extremely durable.

Will my polished concrete flooring scratch easily?

Polished concrete flooring is a popular choice for commercial and manufacturing facilities, shop floors, and areas of high foot traffic. The reason being that it is extremely strong and resilient and can take pressure from very heavy traffic and equipment. It doesn’t easily damage and is nearly impossible to chip or scratch.


Is a polished concrete floor easy to clean?

Polished concrete flooring is relatively easy to maintain. You basically just need to vacuum or broom sweep and damp mop it weekly to remove smudging, scuffs, and water marks, and restore gloss. 

Take a look at this article for more info on cleaning polished cement flooring.


Is polished concrete waterproof?

Polished concrete is not vulnerable to damage from chemical or oil spills, and is also water resistant. A common misconception is that shiny floors are slippery when wet, but surprisingly polished concrete finishes are not.

Can’t I just polish an existing concrete slab?

If you want a fresh, industrial look you can polish an existing slab and create a modern, low-maintenance floor. 


Can I colour my polished concrete floor?

If you are laying new concrete, there are different cement colours you can use, which you will need to discuss with your supplier.

What's the difference between cement and concrete?

You might have heard the terms “cement” and “concrete” thrown around, and they sound pretty similar, right? Well, they are related, but not the same! Imagine you’re baking bread. The flour is like cement – a key ingredient, but on its own, it wouldn’t be very strong or useful. Concrete is like the finished loaf – a strong and versatile material. It’s a mix of the “cement” (binding agent), water, and aggregates (think gravel and sand) that give it structure and strength. Concrfete is usually also reinforced internally with steel rods or mesh.

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