Commercial Industrial Flooring – Polyurethane cement

When it comes to commercial factory floor design careful consideration during the early stages of a construction project is important. Particularly in industrial facilities where selecting the right flooring involves several factors. One key multipurpose option to consider is polyurethane cement.

The primary factor to bear in mind is the specific purpose of the space and the processes that will occur within it. For instance, if the area will be exposed to sulfuric or other acids, a highly resistant industrial flooring like polyurethane cement is necessary. Given the high volume of foot and machine traffic typically present in industrial sites, the flooring must withstand these demands with minimal deterioration.

Furthermore, budget is a crucial aspect to consider. While trying to cut costs on flooring is not advisable, overspending is also not the solution. Opting for a cheap and corrosive material or an inadequate flooring solution may lead to frequent repairs, resulting in additional expenses. Additionally, having subpar flooring in the workplace poses significant safety risks.

Considering the significance of this decision, it is essential to seek expert assistance. Our extensive experience and knowledge in the field can be of great help in this regard. Therefore, we are committed to providing you with the best commercial and industrial flooring solutions, particularly polyurethane cement, without delay.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring 

Epoxy flooring can be the ideal solution for almost any commercial facility. Durability is one of its strongest points since it can bear daily activities from both industrial equipment and manufacturing processes without rapid tear and wear. It serves as a protective concrete coating or layer that is highly chemically resistant.

The constant impact and pressure typical for the harsh industrial environments will not cause the epoxy to show signs of deterioration for up to 10 years. Additionally, bacteria, dirt or mould can’t penetrate the surface thanks to the non-porous and seamless membrane.

This brings us to the next valuable epoxy flooring trait which is low-maintenance. Thanks to the aforementioned membrane which protects the epoxy from any contamination, this floor is quite easy to clean. Standard mopping a few times a week will do just fine, while the occasional vacuuming with the soft brush will effectively remove any sand, grime or dirt.

Even though the aesthetics are not crucial when selecting appropriate industrial flooring, epoxy can be applied in a wide range of colours, stain patterns and gloss levels. Having classy industrial flooring is possible after all. Also, epoxy is one of the most cost-effective flooring solutions out there.

Commercial Polished Concrete Flooring Solution

Polished concrete is the next best industrial flooring option. When it comes to longevity, polished concrete is in a lead over Epoxy coatings since it may pass even 20 years before you notice flakes or chips.

On the other hand, if the floor is exposed to a variety of spills from chemicals and strong acids, epoxy might be the better solution. Even though polished concrete can withstand pressure, heavy machinery and foot traffic perfectly well, when it comes to highly-acidic materials, its surface can be damaged.

To increase its hardness, our professional polished floor installers will treat it with the chemical densifier, polish it with the diamond grit grinders and finally, treat it with the sealant. One of the greatest things about polished concrete is that it’s a sustainable flooring option thanks to the application of the non-toxic and low-odour coating.

Like Epoxy, polished concrete is water and dust-proof, so the maintenance procedure is also easy. When it comes to the price, polished concrete is a very cost-effective flooring solution and great value for money. Additionally, polished concrete comes with vast colours and design options, so you can truly mix and match all sorts of patterns and shades to get the result you want.

The Importance of Professional Commercial Industrial Flooring Installation 

To get the most from your polyurethane cement, epoxy and polished concrete flooring, a professional installation is critical.

No matter if the substrate is concrete, hardwood or other, it must be prepped correctly so the adherence is total.  Flooring solution installations require high-quality work by an experienced team to avoid additional rework and mistakes. After all, the professionals have the right equipment and tools which are necessary for successful installation.

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