No matter if it is a walkway, patio, or pool surroundings, polished concrete is used for different types of outdoor areas. Since it is available in different colours and styles, it can be a perfect add-on to any type of landscape. It will not only spruce up your yard but will also increase the value of your property, which is good news for everyone who is planning to sell their residential or commercial building. 

Polished concrete is a UV-resistant and extremely durable surface so no matter for which part of your outdoor area you need it, you can be sure that it will withstand even the harsh wear and tear. This material is easy to maintain and can regulate its temperature throughout the seasons, so you can be sure that it will be very comfortable underfoot.

One more reason why people decide to invest in polished concrete for their outdoor areas is that various finishes can be applied to ensure that it is non-slippery and safe, even during rain and around wet areas like pool decks. In case you are not sure in which parts of your landscape you can use this popular flooring solution, here you can find tips that will help you create a timeless look in every part of your commercial or residential garden.

Polished Concrete for Elegant Look of Porches and Decks

More and more people are realising the benefits that polished concrete decks can bring. The key advantage is much less maintenance that this material requires compared to wood for example. You can say goodbye to annoying colour that is frequently peeling off, and tiresome painting that is required every season. 

Polished concrete is waterproof and long-lasting, so you can relax knowing that it will remain in perfect condition for many years. You will be able to give your property a fresh and modern look. In case you want to add greenery, you can even use polished concrete for retaining walls for your flowers and plants. 

In case you cannot resist incorporating wooden elements in your outdoor area, consider investing in polished concrete flooring and add a timber pergola. This way you will have a resistant and durable surface in your garden with a warm touch of wood.

Perfect Choice for Pool Areas

We all know how dangerous slippery and unstable surfaces around your pool can be. If you have a swimming pool in your residential or commercial landscape, don’t underestimate the importance of ensuring the safety of its surroundings.

One of the best things you can do is to contact Sydney flooring specialists to come to you, inspect the site and suggest the best polished concrete options within your budget. Since this material is chemical-resistant too, you will not have to worry even if you accidentally spill the products you use to keep the water in your pool clean and bacteria-free. 

Polished Concrete for Driveways

Besides the above-mentioned patios, decks and pool areas, you can use polished concrete to amp up the main entrance to your property. Whether you need a small driveway in front of your home, or you have a commercial building and you want to impress your visitors with a modern and neat entrance, Diamond Grind flooring experts will be there to help you. 

When installed and maintained properly, polished concrete can last a lifetime. Even if you need a polished concrete driveway for high traffic areas, it can be resealed every couple of years, and that will extend its life span.

Use Polished Concrete to make Your Outdoor Area Appealing and Comfortable

If you love to spend your time outside, but you have had enough of investing in its refurbishment every season, you should consider investing in polished concrete surfaces. This will give you peace of mind, since it will remain untouched even during cold winter months, so as soon as the sun goes up, and the spring starts, you will be able to enjoy your garden without worrying whether the new cracks on your patio or walkway will pop-up.

In case you want to know how much money you will have to invest in pouring polished concrete over specific parts of your landscape the best thing you can do is to contact Sydney’s leading flooring specialists. We can even show you the samples of our previous work, so you can get an idea about how our services can help you transform your outdoor area and make it look like the ones from the magazines. 

Even if you already have polished concrete in your yard, it is time for its restoration, or you are looking for professional maintenance of it, we are at your disposal. We have modern equipment and licensed staff who will provide the best service. Together we will make your landscape ever-lasting with high-quality polished concrete flooring. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you have polished concrete outdoors?

Yes, but mechanically polished concrete is not recommended, as it can be slippery when wet. The alternative for outdoor areas is honed concrete, which provides a more slip and UV-resistant finish.

Which outside areas are suitable for polished concrete?

Honed concrete is ideal for driveways, outdoor areas, concrete around your pool, and garages.

Will my outdoor polished concrete fade or discolour over time?

One of the biggest advantages of polished concrete is that it will not fade and discolour, given proper care, however, the sealer must have a UV stable coating on the surface. This will also prevent cracks and peels. 

What are the benefits of outdoor polished concrete floors?

They are durable, low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable. They don’t require any special care.

Is a polished concrete floor for outdoors slippery?

The surface can be made non-slip, this is common around pools and outdoor entertaining areas.

How do I clean outdoor polished concrete floors?

First, remove any surface dust and debris. You can use a soft dust mop or vacuum. Then use a damp mop with a commercial polished concrete cleaner that is pH-neutral.

What precautions can I take to get the most out of my outdoor polished concrete?

Concrete is perhaps the most common building material for exteriors, but polished concrete requires special consideration when placed outdoors. The right sealer must be used. It must be UV resistant and able to withstand temperature changes and exposure to direct sunlight. Good quality colours and high sealer quality will help minimise fading over the years.