Polished Concrete Alfresco Living

It is not a secret that people love spending time in their outdoor living area. Many of us perceive verandahs and patios as the extension of the living room or kitchen, so it is no wonder that investing in their appearance and design comes naturally. After all, is there a better way to extend the summer season, than simply moving our daily activities outdoors?

Modern and quality outdoor flooring will surely enhance the experience, and we are pretty sure you’ve heard of polished concrete alfresco for the patio or verandah as one of the most preferred solutions. It became hugely popular over the last few years thanks to its durability, beautiful appearance and affordability. 

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it can withstand any condition that you can think of, and still doesn’t show visible signs of wear. Saving you money in the long run by being unusually strong and having non-porous surface design and obvious beauty, polished concrete is one of the best flooring solutions for the outdoor area. 

What Is Polished Concrete?

Its name reveals the crucial procedure which gives this floor such a unique look. The polished concrete finish can be mechanically applied on the newly curated or existing slab, and then polished to achieve the desired appearance. 

Whether you prefer matte, gloss or satin finishes – any of it can be accomplished with the help of diamond abrasives and its fine grits. The chemical densifier application is what makes the polished concrete so strong and resistant to any sort of contamination and bacteria development, while the sealant makes the surface water and dust-proof. This is what makes the polished concrete ideal for patios. 

Is It Safe to Have Polished Concrete Outside?

Even though polished concrete has a smooth surface, there is an effective way to make it completely non-slippery when wet. You can still have your polished concrete in the high gloss variant with the added anti-slip finish that will make it fully skid-resistant. The same rule applies to its matte version also. Polished concrete coatings are non-toxic and, therefore, count as an eco-friendly and sustainable floor solution. 

With millions of people struggling with allergies worldwide, polished concrete offers an allergen-free floor solution thanks to its seamless surface where mould, dust and bacteria simply can not grow. By eliminating these pathogens, you can rest assured that your kids can stay and play on this hypoallergenic flooring solution for as much time as they want. 

Also, polished concrete can enhance that contemporary minimalistic style that you wish to include for the pool area. Imagine a fine, undisturbed line that stretches from the edge of the pool to the final corner of your patio – it feels almost perfect. 

Polished Concrete Alfresco Maintenance 

One of the greatest advantages of polished concrete is the ease of maintenance. All you need is a mop and a bucket, and that’s about it. When the surface is dry, a quick mopping will remove the dust and debris, while the stains and spilled liquid can be easily removed with clean water or a PH-neutral cleaner. 

Polished concrete eliminates the need for frequent waxing and coatings, and therefore saves you money in the long run. With a surface that is almost impossible to scratch and damage, you will have a floor that looks as good as new for up to 20 years. 

Wish to Brighten Up and Add Some Colour to Your Patio?

With the higher degree of shine that’s characteristic of granite or marble, polished concrete can lighten up your outdoor area for a significantly lower price than the mentioned two. It has high light reflectivity and adds a clean and bright appearance to the given area. On the other hand, you can combine white outdoor features with grey or dark concrete patio finishes and obtain a harmoniously balanced scene. 

There is a variety of polished concrete patio finishes you can add to achieve the look you want. From any colour you imagine and its bold combinations to the most exciting patterns that mimic stone, wood or include certain prints, polished concrete can create both a warm ambience and industrial look that comes with the cold metallic coating. 

Who To Turn to for Professional Polished Concrete Alfresco Installation?

If you wish to get the most of your polished concrete flooring solution, you should turn to a reputable and trusted installer. This is exactly what we offer, so feel free to give us a call or send the inquiry today. Wherever you are in NSW we promise a prompt and impeccable polished concrete installation that comes with a price that will certainly fit your pocket.

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