No matter if you already have a swimming pool in your garden, or you are planning to invest in one, it is definite that it becomes a focal point of your yard as soon as it is installed. Because of that, you will probably pay special attention to the area around it and make sure that it is in perfect transition with the rest of your property. 

Although it may seem that it is all about the visual appeal, this space is very important for the pool itself. For example, good plant choices and a proper fence can protect you from curious looks from passersby and neighbours, and help you create a private relaxation oasis. 

On the other side, you will have to think about the material which would be the best for the surface around the pool. We understand that you want it to look nice, but it also has to be non-slippery if you want to avoid accidents and injuries caused by falling. One of the ideal materials for the pool surrounds is polished concrete. Since it is very durable and versatile in design and composition, it is no wonder that it became so popular lately. 

Polished Concrete is Economical and Heat Resistant

Compared to other options like pavers or bricks, polished concrete is a more economical choice. You will be able to achieve the look you prefer since it comes in different styles and colours, and can even replicate tiles thanks to stamping and inking finishes. Even if you already have a swimming pool and you want to refurbish the area around it, you can be sure that polished concrete is one of the most affordable solutions. 

Since the area around the pool is very exposed to heat and sunlight, you will have to be careful when choosing the material for that surface. Despite looking nice, dark-toned bricks and tiles can become too hot during the day, and that would be quite unpleasant for bare feet. Here we come to another advantage of polished concrete – you can select the design you like and rest assured that it will significantly lower the temperature of the pool deck surfaces

Perfect Choice Even For the High-Traffic Areas

Whether you are considering investing in polished concrete around the pool in your home or commercial property like a hotel, you can be sure that this material can withstand even the high traffic and remain untouched for a long time. Also, as we already mentioned, it will not become slippery, not even when wet, which is not the case with other materials such as tiles. Polished concrete comes in different levels of the coarseness of the textured overlay that comes on top, so you will be able to create a nice-looking surface with a high level of slip resistance.

Of course, other materials are durable and tough, but none of them is so easy to maintain like polished concrete is. You can be sure that even the heavy traffic and watering will not damage it, and that all you will need to do to keep it clean is occasionally scrub and rinse it. To make sure that you have hired professionals to install polished concrete around your pool, turn to our Sydney flooring specialists today. From floor preparation to installation, restoration, and maintenance, Diamond Grind can provide anything you need to make the area around your pool perfect.

How Much Polished Concrete Pool Decks Cost?

As we said, polished concrete is a very economical choice for the surfaces around the pool. Still, its price depends on various factors like how many levels of grinding are necessary to make that surface smooth, as well as the style you choose. 

The best way to find out how much you will have to pay for it is to get quotes for your project. The final price will be set according to the total square footage of the area, level of shine you choose, condition of the current surface, and many other elements so the best thing you can do is to contact experienced Sydney flooring contractors.

You Already Have Polished Concrete Around Your Pool and It Is Time For Restoration? Diamond Grind Can Help

In case that the polished concrete you have had around your pool for many years now needs a little help to look as good as new again, you don’t have to worry about it. Diamond Grind flooring specialists can provide top-notch polished concrete restoration throughout the Sydney area. 

If you want to learn more about this process, or you have other questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will provide precise and honest answers. Your pool surroundings will look even better than you imagined with the help of our flooring experts who will commit entirely to your project.