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Floor Preparation Newcastle

If you are looking for the right concrete grinding contractor for your next project in the Newcastle NSW region. Our team of certified specialists are the people to talk to. We work with all concrete floors and prepare them for surface applications.

Because of its versatility and strength, concrete is one of the most common building materials, especially for commercial properties. However, despite its durability, concrete is a natural material and it will degrade over time without an adequate finish.

Decorative flooring options can transform your property from average to extraordinary, and to be able to use all those possibilities, you will have to prepare concrete for the application of the flooring surface option you’ve chosen.

After we finish our job you will be able to apply wood, vinyl, carpet, epoxy,   polyurethane cement or any other type of flooring, knowing that the surface is well-treated and ready for floor installation.

Concrete Grinding Process

Concrete grinding involves using specialised abrasive tools to achieve a smooth finish on flooring surfaces. It’s an ideal method for floor preparation, providing a smoother profile compared to scarifying or shot blasting, without creating ridges. Grinders effectively eliminate dirt, grease, and industrial contaminants.

The equipment consists of horizontally rotating discs with various attachments, offering different grit levels. Two types of grinders, walk-behind and handheld, ensure consistent surface removal, even in tight spaces near corners or walls, without causing damage.

Selecting the right grit, discs, and bind is crucial, and our experienced staff will ensure the proper tools are used to meet your desired concrete surfacing requirements

Full-Service Concrete Flooring Contractors

We have the knowledge and expertise to conduct any type of concrete flooring project. Our Newcastle and Central Coast team consists of trained professionals who use top-grade equipment and are ready to execute your next flooring project with the highest level of quality.

From flooring preparation, concrete grinding to polishing and installation of different types of epoxy, or polyurethane cement we can customize our services according to your specific needs and requirements. We serve the entire Newcastle and Central coast area. 

We can provide necessary repairs of your existing flooring and help you extend its durability. Whatever you need – we can make it happen. All you have to do is speak with our staff to explain your ideas and requirements, and we will find the best solution within your budget. 

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Concrete Grinding Newcastle 

There is no need to test your luck and try out risky DIY solutions when you have a team of experts ready to conduct floor preparation and concrete grinding that you need. Our team will give their best to provide minimum fuss during their work and to leave your site clean and tidy after they finish. 

Just keep in mind to give us a call in advance so we can book a time and date that suits you best, and in case you want to know more about the price for the service you need, feel free to request a quote via the contact form on our website.

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