Common mistakes with outdoor polished concrete

Polished concrete is a popular flooring option in Australia. It’s so popular that many inexperienced contractors offer such services without the proper knowledge, skills, and tools to perform a perfect job. Don’t make mistakes with outdoor polished concrete! That’s why you should be cautious when choosing a flooring contractor for polished concrete floors in your outdoor area. Diamond Grind is highly trained in preparing, resurfacing and polishing concrete surfaces.Read further on some of the most common mistakes with outdoor polished concrete that people make.

Your outdoor floor isn’t suitable for a polished concrete finish

If you plan to use polished concrete on an existing slab from many years ago, you are not in a position to choose the colour of the cement and aggregate. The colour you choose should be congruent with whatever is under the surface.

On the other hand, if you plan to use polished concrete on a tiled outdoor area, you should first remove the tiles and understand that bleach and other powerful cleaning products can leach through the grout and into the concrete over the years. It could have stained the concrete underneath.

Choosing the wrong type of finish for your outdoor floor

There are different types of polished concrete on the market. Each of these polished concrete products has different levels of exposure and gloss. Then you still have a range of coatings to consider.

From this wide variety of options, some finishes are unsuitable outdoors, while some are ideal for wet areas. Others may become yellow over time when not treated correctly. Some floors require re-application every few years, which means furniture will need to be moved or stored again.

Make sure your flooring contractor makes you aware of all the possible options, which ones will work for your specific floor and needs, and importantly, all the different pricing options before you make your selection.

Choosing the wrong flooring company to complete the project

No two concrete slabs are the same. It’s essential to choose a company that specialises in polished concrete and has a proven track record so that you know they will do the job professionally. A good source to check is credible online reviews; reputable companies will have multiple reviews gained over time.

If you are looking for a trusted polished concrete flooring contractor for your outdoor area in the Sydney Metro and greater NSW areas, Diamond Grind offers an extensive range of concrete polishing, polyurethane cement, and epoxy resin floor coatings, and concrete repairs. Contact us today.

Spectacular results or common mistakes?

mistakes with outdoor polished concrete

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