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Even though the water itself is one of the main components of concrete mixture, wet spots on or around concrete that has been poured and dried are not a good sign. Whether the moisture reaches the structure through cracks or highlights an obvious plumbing issue, the consequences of water leaks under concrete can be severe. 

In case there is concrete reinforcement, it may endure corrosion which can further affect its stability. The mould that rapidly grows on the concrete surface or beneath it will eventually break down the concrete and damage the foundation and walls. 

Before you spot the signs of water leaks, the best way to prevent them is to keep your floor in great condition and protect the concrete surface beneath. 

With an epoxy coating or polished concrete solution, the gathered moisture will stay on the protective layer, stopping water leaks. All you need to do then is use a mop or a dry sponge to absorb it. 

In case you are still having some second thoughts and are not sure how to protect your concrete slabs, our Sydney flooring specialists can give you all the information you require. In the meantime, let us tell you more about the consequences that water leaks can leave on your concrete floor. 

Water Leaks Under Concrete Can Cause Serious Foundation Damage 

Given that concrete foundations are porous, water will fill any pores it can find, eventually causing the foundation to crack and shift, and leaving homes unsettled. If there are cracks present in the walls or ceiling, this may also indicate that water has already reached the foundation.

Even in temperate winter climates, water temperatures can get low enough to freeze, at this point, the expanding ice may push the concrete outward. The result is an unstable foundation, leading to likely structural issues in the future.

Moisture and Mould Growth on Exterior Walls

Water leaks under concrete create an ideal environment for fungus, bacteria, and mould to survive – and once it begins, mould growth is almost impossible to stop. From exterior walls, the fungus can spread to your interiors and create many difficulties. It may also start to develop inside the property first, and then move to the outside area. In addition to its unpleasant look and smell, mould growth also causes severe damage to buildings, so it’s best to invest in prevention over cure. 

This is where our epoxy flooring specialists can help you. Our high-quality epoxy coatings will protect your concrete slab from any sort of bacteria and mould development thanks to the anti-microbial additive. It will keep out any excess moisture, effectively stop any undesired growth, and make the premises as clean and sterile as possible. 

Hardwood Flooring Becomes Buckled Up and Unusable

As a concrete slab gets wetter, it will begin to affect your flooring. Hardwood floors are particularly sensitive, but slab movement can also crack tiles, making a mess and requiring a costly replacement.  

While epoxy flooring is durable, strong, and incredibly low maintenance, its popularity in commercial premises is often down to its minimalistic appearance. it usually finds its place in commercial premises due to its minimalistic appearance. So, what would be a fine replacement for your wooden floor? 

Let us present you with the polished concrete flooring solution. It has the same traits as epoxy flooring, but it comes in numerous different designs and patterns, so you can easily find the one to match your home’s style and ambiance. To make sure that the installation is performed properly, give our polished concrete specialists a call today and we will make it happen. 

The Warning Signs of Possible Water Leaks Under Concrete

As well as the mould, smell and wet stains on the carpet and floor, there are some other signs that you shouldn’t overlook. If the soil in your yard is constantly wet and soggy, you might have water leaks under the concrete slab. Other signs include warped baseboards, interior wall cracks, and the sound of water running between walls. Finally, you’ll notice that your water and energy bills have increased for no apparent reason. As soon as you detect any of these things, it is time to act. After the concrete slab damage is established and necessary repairs or replacements are finished, our Sydney flooring specialists can perform a full floor preparation and installment of both top-quality epoxy coating and polished concrete. All you need to do is give us a call or fill in the form on our website!