Epoxy Flooring

Diamond Grind specialise in the application of Epoxy Floor coatings for commercial,  Industrial and residential application.

Diamond Grind uses epoxy resins from leading Australian and international manufacturers including:

- Epimax Technologies

- ResDev

- Hychem

- Resiplast

- Basf

- Sika

- Dulux

Typical industry sectors that utilise these flooring options include.

- Food & Beverage Production

- Fish Co Ops

- Breweries

- Butchers

- Bakeries

- Pharmaceutical Facilities

- Aviation Facilities

- Chemical Processing & Storage Plants

- Printers

- Production & Warehousing 

- Mechanical Workshops

- Mining Industries

- Waste-rooms

- Loading Docks

- Plant Rooms 

- Showrooms

Some Key benefits of Epoxy Flooring:

- Seamless, hygienic & easy to clean

- Durable and hard-wearing

- Excellent resistance to harsh chemicals

- Anti Slip Options

- Vast Choice of Colours

- Low VOC Options

Roll on applied coatings


Roll on resin flooring applications are typically applied using 2 or 3 coats with a build thickness of around 400 - 600 Microns. They can be applied with either a smooth finish or a anti-slip finish  to meet any required slip ratings of your project. These systems are generally classed as a medium duty option.


Resin options for roll coat systems include:

- Epoxy

- Novolac

- Polyurethanes

- Polyaspartics

- Fast cure Methacrylate (MMA)

- Low odour  solventless 

- Waterbased

For more information on roll on applied coatings please call us on 1800 587 172 or complete the enquiry form and we'll contact you.

Trowel applied Coatings

Trowel applied resin flooring systems are typically  applied  with a build thickness of around 2/3mm, 5/6mm 0r 9/10mm and can be applied with either a smooth finish SL or a anti slip finish  to meet any required slip ratings.

These systems are generally classed as medium, heavy and extra heavy duty options.


Diamond Grind can advise on options and benefits of resins for your particular project.


Resin options for trowel applied systems include:

-Polyurethane Cement

-Epoxy and quartz sand filled

For more information on Trowel Applied Coatings call us on 1800 587 172 or complete the enquiry form and we'll contact you.

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