Nowadays, there are plenty of flooring options to choose from for your workplace, but when it comes to dental practices, polished concrete flooring solutions showed impressive results. Its given advantages like durability and easy maintenance combined with appealing aesthetics and trendy look will ensure that your dental office is both functional and attractive. The main advantage of the polished concrete floor is that it will stay that way for a long, long time.

Any medical establishment is prone to floor damage due to the constant flow of chemicals and various heavy apparatuses, so investing in polished concrete will save you a lot of money. This type of flooring is very resistant and hard to scratch, and if installed properly, it may last as long as your dentist’s career. 

When it comes to maintenance, all you require is a mop and some light cleaning preparations, since no hard chemicals are required to clean a polished concrete’s surface. That is how you will keep the cleanliness at the top level without everyone being dazed by the detergent’s heavy scent. If you still need some more persuasion, we will gladly present you with further polished concrete flooring upsides. In case you are convinced, don’t wait and give your Sydney polished concrete specialist a call today.

Polished Floor is Considered Healthy

Related to the fact that it’s easy to clean, polished concrete’s smooth surface will not attract and maintain dust, dirt and other allergens that may cause you or your clients’ some trouble. This health-conscious solution will not only keep your premises clean and safe at all times but will also save you some money for the cleaning services.

Even though the dental’s office needs to stay impeccably clean at all times, these floors require little maintenance to keep them that way. Like said, all you need is a bucket, a mop and a non-invasive detergent that will keep the place neat without any environmental hazard. Excluding the chemicals from the cleaning routine will certainly make you and everyone around you feel better. Also, being eco-friendly will positively affect your business.

Its Durability will Amaze You

Compared to ceramics, wood or porcelain floorings, polished concrete is the leader in the durability race. The first thing you need to do to ensure this crucial benefit is to hire the right team of people to perform the floor preparation. Before the polishing finish is applied, any concrete damages or cracks need to be fixed at the spot alongside glue and other materials removal. Once the preparation process is successfully done and the installation is finished, you can rest assured that your new floor will remain in good condition for a long time.

Polished Concrete Flooring Comes in Various Patterns

If you are a reputable dentist, there is a great chance that you invested a lot into the office décor and interiors. After all, you want your patients to feel at their best and relax as much as possible. Polished concrete finishes can imitate wood, marble and have incredibly well -designed patterns. You get to choose the exact gloss level or select a completely matte variant if that’s your preference.

They Get Installed Quickly

You don’t have to take a long leave and shut your office for a month because of the major floor renovation. Even if the current concrete is damaged or cracked, there is a fast and efficient solution known as the concrete overlay. Once the surface is ready, next in line is a chemical densifying procedure followed by diamond grinding with the finale that includes swift and precise polishing pads. We recommend you turn to an experienced and skilled flooring team that will perform all the tasks hassle-free and quickly. 

You Can Use Your Dental Office Right After the Installation

As you may or may not know, there are no dangerous synthetic components or hazardous materials used in the polished concrete installation process. This means that as soon as the flooring team leaves your premises, you can go back to work and welcome your patients without any concerns. Moreover, polished concrete floors are free from any kind of toxic evaporation, so if you wish to put concrete flooring into a single room and continue working in another, that is easily doable and completely safe.

Polished Concrete Floors Come with the Anti-Slippery Solution

Even though the polished concrete floors can become slippery when wet, there is a solution for it. For example, you can select a high-gloss finishing or sealer which may reduce the traction to some extent, or you can let the professionals handle the matter and apply the anti-slip finish which will make the floor completely safe.

As you can see, there are multiple reasons to choose polished concrete flooring for your dental office and in case you require a fast, reliable and high-quality service, we suggest you give us a call now.