When choosing the flooring for our home and office spaces, we want to be sure that we will make a smart choice and select the option that will blend with the interior perfectly and suit the purpose well.  

Every type of flooring has its advantages and disadvantages, and among the most durable options are polished concrete and tile floorings. Because of that, people usually have trouble deciding which one to choose and to help you solve this dilemma, we created a short comparison of these two types of floor surfaces. 

Polished Concrete Floors

  • Pros

Durability and extreme resistance are among the biggest advantages of polished concrete floorings. Besides that, you can be sure that it will not buckle under the furniture or heavy traffic, and that is why they are widely used in both – commercial and residential properties. 

Besides being very prone to damages, this type of flooring is very easy to maintain. You can use water and mop but don’t forget to use a neutral cleaner from time to time to ensure that all dirt and dust is removed. This way your concrete flooring will be shiny and in excellent condition for a long time, and in case you have a large area covered with polished concrete, you can hire flooring specialists for its maintenance. 

Depending on the level of glossiness, as well as the exposure to pedestrian or vehicle traffic, your polished concrete flooring might need waxing or sealing every three to nine months. It comes in various colours and textures, and if maintained properly, it can last for years to come. Still, it requires professional installation if you want it to be even and adhere properly. Another thing to keep in mind is that polished concrete is an excellent choice in case you plan to instal floor heating. 

  • Cons

Although there are only a few cons, we cannot dispute that concrete floors are hard, and it can be uncomfortable for some people, especially families with kids. Also, if you do not have an adequate heating system in your home or commercial property, you will realise that polished concrete floors can be very cold. 

Despite being widely used, this type of floor is not suitable for all spaces, since polished concrete is heavy and it requires a firm foundation to rest on. If installed in large areas, it can be very loud since it reflects noise. Still, this is not an issue if space is filled with shelves and other items, so it is still a popular choice in the hospitality industry and for warehouses. 

If the floor preparation is not conducted properly, it can crack over time, but this problem can be easily resolved with polished concrete flooring restoration.

Tiled Flooring

This is another popular flooring option, and it comes in different styles, shapes, textures and colours. Most of the tile floorings are made of stone or ceramic and each has strengths and weaknesses. 

Since the ceramic tiles are non-porous, they are a popular choice for wet areas like bathrooms and swimming pools, while the stone ones are mostly used for outdoor areas and are equally durable. 

When it comes to pros, tiles are equally durable as polished concrete flooring. Still, they are temperature resistant, so the oscillations of it cannot cause cracks. However, they are not as chemical resistant as polished concrete, so you should be careful when choosing cleaning products. 

The main disadvantage of tile flooring is that the grout changes the colour over time and in moist environments you will have to put a lot of effort to keep the mould away. There are other cons like the high price of stone tiles, often cracking and chipping and more time needed for their installation. 

Polished Concrete Tiles Effect

As you can see, when it comes to the price, maintenance and durability, the polished concrete flooring is an obvious winner. However, if you still cannot resist the visual appeal of tiling, you might consider investing in polished concrete tiles effect flooring.

This way, you will enjoy all the advantages of polished concrete and have the look of tile flooring. Diamond Grind offers professional flooring services and offers high-quality flooring solutions. We will provide the floor with the texture and finish you choose, no matter if you want it to look like tiles, or you have something else on your mind.
Feel free to contact us, so we can discuss the best options for your property, and we will be more than happy to provide professional flooring preparation, installation and maintenance. You will be able to see the samples of our previous work, and that will help you get the idea of how your flooring can look, in case you still haven’t made up your mind. Hurry up, and get in touch with Diamond Grind flooring specialists!