The condition of the concrete floor and its cleanliness are crucial for the durability and adhesion of any coating you decide to apply over it. Having this in mind, it is no wonder why floor surface preparation plays a major role in this entire process.

No matter which top coating you decide to apply, for its optimum performance you will have to be sure that you took all necessary steps to prepare the concrete surface properly. This is the only way to prevent peeling and bubbling floors, or uneven ones. 

What Is Floor Surface Preparation?

First of all, we will have to make sure you completely understand what floor surface preparation is. Basically, it is the demolition of the existing flooring and bonding between the concrete and the top coating. No matter if we are speaking about the surfaces in your phone, office or industrial premises, the floors need to be well prepared no matter if we are speaking about replacement or the installation of the new one.

There are different ways to prepare your floor, and you might find some DIY suggestions, but the most effective method is the one done by machines. They can remove many elements like paint, sealer, epoxy, adhesive, and others safely and quickly. One of the most popular methods are diamond grinding and shot blasting, and the best thing is that they will help you get a clean surface without damaging the concrete slab. 

Improperly Prepared Floor Surfaces – Which Problems Can Arise?

Sometimes even if you manage to apply the new coating on a poorly prepared surface you might not see all the issues instantly. One thing is for sure – after a short time tho problems will start popping out one by one, and most probably you will have to pay double to fix everything and get the flooring that you can use. 

The concrete is very hard and sturdy, but without professional flooring preparation and maintenance, it will start deteriorating. Just because you don’t see the concrete beneath your floor doesn’t mean that you can just leave it the way it is. You will have to make sure that it is clean, that all the cracks are sealed and that the entire surface is smooth.

If you fail to do this, you can expect uneven floors, holes, poor adherence and other issues that can be hazardous to the stability of the furniture, people and equipment in case we are speaking about commercial property. 

Other Things to Consider When Speaking About the Floor Surface Preparation

Even if we are speaking about the new concrete surface, you will have to be cautious too. The fact is that new concrete has too much water, so before any coating system is applied, it has to be permitted to cure for as long as needed to reduce the moisture content. You will also have to consider other elements like air temperature, substrate temperature, as well as relative humidity in the room because this all will have a great effect on the curing time before the application process starts.

In case you want to replace your flooring with the new one, it would be best to consult the experts before deciding which coating to apply and how to remove the existing one. You should have an experienced estimator by your side who can come and inspect the site and tell you more about the cost, potential issues and the type of flooring preparation you need. 

Also, the concrete that has been in service might be contaminated by grease and other types of stains and chemicals, so you will need to determine whether some of these are present, and tailor surface preparation according to that.

Are You Looking For Professional Floor Surface Preparation in Sydney?

We hope this was enough to show you that you have to prepare your concrete surface adequately before installing new flooring. If so, you might have trouble finding reliable flooring experts. We are covering the entire Sydney area and even interstate locations, so you can count on our help at any time.

Whether you want to replace your carpet with vinyl, or you have painted concrete that you want to upgrade with the epoxy coating, we can do anything you need. Diamond Grind has a skilled and knowledgeable staff, as well as modern equipment to get the job done swiftly and hassle-free. 

You will not have to worry about anything, because we will provide a detailed explanation after visiting your site, so you will know how long the process of floor surface preparation will last and cost. We can also provide professional application of epoxy coatings, as well as concrete polishing that will make your surface look immaculate and make it easy to maintain. No matter if you need our help with residential or industrial flooring, we are here to help.