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In the highly competitive hospitality industry allocating resources to the appropriate vinyl or resin flooring is not just about aesthetics; it can significantly impact your budget. Opting for the ideal flooring solution can curtail maintenance expenses and ensure that you won’t have to replace it frequently due to wear and tear. Among the most favoured flooring options in the hospitality industry are vinyl and resin. However, many individuals find it challenging to determine which one best suits their pub, bar, restaurant, etc.

 Owners and managers of bars, restaurants, and pubs are dedicating resources to enhancing their interiors in order to craft a flawless ambience that appeals to their patrons.

From the flooring to the ceilings, every choice must be made judiciously, as your establishment should be capable of withstanding whatever challenges your customers may pose – sometimes quite literally! Anticipate spills, furniture reconfigurations, heavy foot traffic (including high heels), and regular cleaning involving various chemicals. As a result, the selection of flooring becomes a pivotal decision, necessitating durability, slip resistance, and resilience against the aforementioned factors.

Which One is More Durable Vinyl or Resin Flooring?

Let’s start with the top concern of most pub and bar owners – which flooring is the most durable? Vinyl flooring usually needs to be replaced within 4 to eight years, while epoxy flooring can last many years longer, but it needs to be installed directly on a moisture-treated concrete slab.

Because of that, they are equally popular in bars and pubs since both – vinyl and epoxy flooring can withstand high foot traffic for a reasonable time and come in different patterns and colours. Also, both of these options can be treated with different chemicals. However, keep in mind that some of these chemicals might change the colour of the vinyl while epoxy floors will remain untouched no matter which products you use for regular maintenance.

No matter which option you choose, in order to take all the advantages of your new flooring, we recommend you choose top-grade products of renowned brands like Hychem, EpiMax or Flowcrete and professional installation such as those we offer here at Diamond Grind.

Required Maintenance 

While it might be commonly believed that epoxy floors can endure wear and tear without professional upkeep, this notion isn’t entirely accurate. While epoxy flooring is indeed durable and resilient to various factors, the passage of time can lead to the emergence of cracks. When these cracks manifest, the remedy involves the removal of the top layer and the application of a fresh one, a task best left to professionals.

On the contrary, when subject to proper regular maintenance, vinyl can maintain its cleanliness and quality over a prolonged period. Nonetheless, the vinyl will wear quickly and when the vinyl becomes damaged, it’s important to note that repair isn’t a feasible option. In such cases, the most appropriate action is to have the damaged vinyl removed and replaced with a new installation, a task requiring professional intervention. Considering these aspects when deciding on the flooring solution for your pub or bar is prudent.


Epoxy resin flooring must be installed according to the directions if you want it to stay in top-notch condition for years. This means that you will need someone to remove the existing floor surface and ensure a clean and evenly levelled concrete surface before the application process starts.

Installing a vinyl floor is a lot easier, and it does not require that long preparation. However, it should be executed by professionals who will provide clear cuts of the vinyl and use the best techniques and quality materials.

Cannot Decide Which Commercial Flooring You Should Choose?

We Are Here to Help!

Hopefully, this article helped you decide whether vinyl or epoxy flooring will better fit your pub or a bar, but in case you still cannot make a final decision, we will be there to provide valuable advice. Here at Diamond Grind, we specialise in quality commercial flooring that comes in different styles, colours and patterns.

We can prepare the surface and install both – vinyl and epoxy flooring. No matter which one you choose we will be there to make sure everything is done properly. Your flooring will stay in excellent condition for years. Of course, we will help you with making the perfect choice and suggest which option will suit your budget and your pub or bar better.

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