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Although concrete is strong, durable and low maintenance, it will probably wear out eventually. Certain factors can accelerate the degradation which includes extreme temperature swings, physical salt attack (PSA), heavy operational duties or structural weaknesses, and each affects the concrete differently. 

Some may produce cracks, while others would cause corrosion, but no matter the disappointing result, we need to take certain measures to prevent some serious hazards. Concrete slab deterioration is not only an eye-sore sight but can negatively affect our home’s and business premises structure stability and overall safety. 

Once we are faced with the concrete slab damage, it is important to recognise the level of severity, so we can determine who to turn to. After all, your concrete slab might just require a simple floor levelling process which will make it completely secure again. On the other hand, more complex undertakings like concrete slab replacement demand exclusively professional assistance and trustworthy flooring specialists, so you’ll get the results you expect. 

Therefore, we present you with guidelines to help you determine what your concrete slab might require, and keep in mind that you can always count on our professional flooring team to come to the spot and define the best solution in no time. 

When is the Concrete Slab Replacement Inevitable?

Cracks are the most common occurrences on our concrete slabs and they will just continue to expand over time. The absorbed moisture that runs through them is not helping either, so the best thing to do is give your flooring specialist a call and ask for an opinion. In most cases, the concrete slab replacement is the safest option. 

Any damage caused by the poor installation will most definitely require a concrete slab replacement since the moisture and water are highly unwanted inside the concrete structure. The first step is to evaluate the structural break’s level and if there are the spots where the actual material is missing, this is a call for a professional concrete slab replacement. A rule of thumb is that if the repair requires more than 5cm then the replacement is more advisable and finally, more effective.

Uneven slabs are another reason to consider turning to a professional. Even though the issue might be caused by the unskilled pouring, there is a huge possibility that the earth beneath the concrete slab eroded or settled. Once this happens, the concrete slab doesn’t have proper support to hold it and it will begin to deteriorate fast itself. 

The Occasions When a Quick Repair Will Do the Job

Thanks to their endurance, concrete slabs can serve us for up to 25 years if installed adequately. During that time, its surface can be mildly damaged by the various activities on it but these damages usually don’t pose any safety hazards. Worn or chipped surfaces commonly referred to as delamination will require floor levelling or concrete patching. The same rule applies to crumbling concrete on our driveways or patios. 

Keep in mind that a quick fix will only work if the internal concrete structure is completely preserved. If not, it will just cover the damage without actually solving anything. It is almost impossible for an amateur to recognise the subtle signs of severe concrete slab deterioration, so you should leave the evaluation to the professionals. 

Can Concrete Slab Degradation Be Avoided? 

Even though concrete can deteriorate for many reasons, one of the most common is poor installation. The first thing to consider is hiring a trusted and reputable team of professional concrete installers and spare yourself from premature damages and unnecessary costs. The well-familiar fact is that concrete expands in the heat and contracts in the cold, so if the expansion joints are not distanced properly, the cracks are inevitable. Where the small cracks are, soon the large ones are to be discovered. 

One of the options widely recommended by flooring experts which can effectively protect your slab is polished concrete. Equally appreciated in the warehouses and factories, but also in hotels and showrooms, this incredibly resistant yet aesthetically pleasing flooring solution has a high-quality coating that serves as a protective concrete slab layer. 

Need a Flooring Specialist in Sydney? 

No matter if you need floor levelling, floor preparation or polished concrete installation, you have a single dependable team by your side for the given tasks. We cover the whole Sydney Metro area and Gold Coast all over to Port Stephens but are willing to travel to other regional locations if that’s what you require. 

Equipped with top-quality gear and materials, our flooring professionals will perform the tasks quickly and impeccably. The final result is a strong, healthy and durable floor that will serve you for numerous years to come. 

Get in touch with concrete flooring professionals today, and we will make sure to come up with the best possible settlement for your residential or commercial property.