Here to support all foot traffic and machinery activity, the floor is one of the essential components of any commercial facility. Since durability, strength and resistance are the most valued floor traits for this purpose, concrete is often considered the best option. 

The thing is, although it’s strong, even concrete flooring is not indestructible and might need some kind of protection at times – and this is where the Epimax flooring solution comes in. 

Besides creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance, Epimax flooring solutions also prevent deterioration and contamination which can cause serious structural damages in concrete. Additionally, Epimax flooring coating enhances chemical resistance, physical performance, durability and even makes concrete completely non-slip. In other words, you’ll be assured of completely safe, high-quality flooring. 

These are all clear and legitimate reasons why the popularity of Epimax flooring solutions grew far and wide. Read on to learn all about commercially attractive epoxy coatings and discover for yourself whether they might be the appropriate flooring solution for your facility. 

Epimax Flooring Solutions are Heavy Duty and Chemically Resistant Epoxy Coatings

This is much appreciated in chemical processing environments and labs where spilled substances can cause severe flooring damages, costing a lot of money and wasting your precious time. These circumstances also demand immediate action in protecting the area to prevent injuries. 

Besides being resistant to more than 10 different chemicals (ammonia solution, sodium chloride, kerosene, diesel oil…), Epimax flooring solutions support heavy-duty operations. This makes them more than adequate for warehouses, factories, mining facilities, parking facilities, and any other industrial establishments with heavy machinery and traffic. Epimax also complies with the BCA CRF fire standard, so you can expect that this epoxy coating will resist damages even after a major unfortunate event like a fire or explosion. 

Low Maintenance and Durability of all Epimax Flooring Solutions

No matter which coating you choose from the Epimax flooring solutions range, you can be assured of durable concrete slab protection without intensive maintenance requirements, as long as you follow the simple epoxy flooring maintenance instructions. To avoid scratches, make sure to remove dirt and grit debris left after heavy machinery usage. Oil and chemicals can be easily removed with just a paper towel, while other spilled liquids typically need nothing more than a mop and warm water. Remember that soap-based cleaners are not recommended for epoxy flooring cleaning, but you can use soft soap for tougher spills. 

Preventing Trips, Slips and Falls with Epimax Anti-slip Solution 

Keeping your employees and facility visitors safe is one of your main responsibilities, and Epimax flooring solutions can provide all the help you need. 

Providing a safer walking and working environment is a core value for Epimax, so they invested a lot of time and research into achieving and maintaining constant surface traction, even when contamination is present. 

By properly installing and taking care of the Epimax flooring solution, which is based on a formula of proven effectiveness, you automatically reduce the risks of workplace injuries. As a result, you’ll save on the cost of possible insurance claims and keep the reputation of your establishment intact and uncompromised. 

The first step is to hire epoxy flooring specialists for effective and professional installation. We at Diamond Grind offer coatings from leading Australian and international resins manufacturers, including Epimax. Count on our skilled team to perform the installation quickly and efficiently without any mess or time wastage. 

Epimax is Keeping Your Premises Clean and Sterile with the Anti-microbial Formulation

If you need enhanced bacterial protection to maintain the cleanliness of your facility, Epimax flooring solutions can also provide that for you. The anti-microbial formulation prevents growth in fungi, bacteria, parasites and viruses – even those that would usually grow rapidly on wet surfaces. 

In case you’re wondering whether Epimax flooring solutions are right for your home too, wonder no more! If you have kids, the aforementioned traits will keep spaces toddler-friendly, and even if you don’t, they’re great for your garage or home gym. If you need a reliable and affordable Epimax coating installation for your home or business premises, turn to our Diamond Grind flooring specialists today. From rapid floor preparation to professional epoxy flooring installations, we are amongst the most trusted flooring experts in the whole Sydney area. To book, call us at 1800 587 172 or send us a message via the online form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.